I’ve been putting it off… and admitting I’ve been putting it off but today the same woman was there who gave me my last decent measurements and so I took the plunge.  So, the big question is… did I make the 2 feet lost mark… and the answer is.. YES!!!!  And then I went past that, stomped all over it and put myself 3.5 inches from the 3 foot lost mark.  Yes.  Seriously.

I’ve taken photos of the sheet but I did it with my phone so it’s a bit blurry… sorry!

on top inches lost since last weigh-in (12), on bottom my attendance for the past 2 months

It might help if you click on it and make it bigger and then again, it might not.  Essentially, since the last time I got measured… I lost a foot in inches.  This isn’t completely surprising since I have lost 15 lbs since then and the new girl had botched my measurements showing a gain in inches last time.  I’m likely closer to 16 or 17 lbs lost since I usually weigh without my shoes but didn’t bother taking them off this time.

shows lbs lost and body fat lbs lost (10.71)

Again, you might want to make the photo larger, but it will still be all blurry.  I’m pretty happy with losing 11 lbs of body fat out of the 15 lost.  I can live with that.

inches lost comparison between last weigh in and this one

This print out is a bit strange compared to my last one, the last one showed my beginning measurements vs. my current ones whereas this one shows the measurements of my last weigh-in vs. my current ones.  Being a numbers person I looked up my initial ones and did the math. (I know, so smart, right?)

Total Loss:

Bust: 5 inches (bye bye boobies)

Waist: 6 inches

Abdomen: 4.5 inches

Hips: 6 inches

Thighs (Both, together): 9 inches (Woah, is this right?  Seriously?)

Arms: 2 inches

Yeah, I have to say I’m feeling pretty good about all that.  I mean, I know I look incredibly different from when I started, but it’s really nice to have numbers to put with it.  I know, I know… so why was I so chicken to do the weigh-in?  Why?  Oh right, they botch something about it every time.  The lady working today is pretty sure I’ve only lost a foot total and told me she’d make me a foot as I was walking out the door.  I didn’t bother to correct her that the 12 inches lost wast just from the last 2 months.  I’ll wait until I see Ms. Size Zero (no negativity or sarcasm intended today) and let her know I’ve lost 2 feet now.  Maybe she’ll give me some more goodies…. not that I even know where that water bottle she gave me is..  Hmmm.