So, the two weeks after Christmas, I lost an enormous amount of weight, something like 8 lbs.  I’ve never had weight loss like that and so it was a bit disturbing.  By the end of last week, I’d settled out around 177-178 lbs and decided I’d attribute the loss to a lot of water weight from eating things around the holidays I normally didn’t eat.  Still, it’s pretty strange… especially since I haven’t lost anything since.  I’m still hovering in the same range.  I’d say I’m frustrated but with such a big loss the last two weeks I’m a bit ahead of schedule (not that I have one) and really I’m thinking I might be falling into my old pattern: lose nothing all week and then drop 1-2 lbs on Friday or Saturday.

Being on this weight loss journey has made me wonder a lot about how my body works and why people lose weight differently.  Why do some people lose consistently every day and others, like me, drop it all at once after what seems like a bit of a holding phase?  Why can some of us eat 1800 calories a day and lose weight and others struggle to lose even when they drop their calories as far as 1200?  The tricky part is I know there are no simple answers.  There are a myriad of things we do which make our bodies react and if you factor in differences in genetics (which I totally believe accounts for a lot of weight problems) there’s just no way two people are going to lose/gain weight in the same manner.  This is probably why there’s no miracle pill out there, eh?

With all the craziness going on in my life right now I’m still having a bit of an odd eating structure.  I’ve managed to wean myself off the fast food and finally have made the first recipe out of my new vegetarian cookbook.  They’re apparently Indonesian style noodles and have lots of ginger, some tamari, some red pepper flakes, cabbage, etc.

yeah, I've got tractor dishes.... shut up

Not the best picture here but they were actually incredibly good.  I must admit I was a bit dubious with the recipe calling for so much ginger, I thought it would overpower all the other flavors but it really didn’t!  Plus, it was nice and spicy, made my mouth warm without making it burn burn burn… always nice.  An added bonus… the dish reheated very nicely.  Definitely a keeper although next time I’m putting in way more cabbage than the recipe called for, I didn’t feel as though there was enough in the dish which was disappointing… but then again, I really like cabbage.

I skipped all of my runs last week and so I have to admit I was pretty nervous to jump back in this week.  It seems like I’ve been trying to become famster for a long time now and to be honest, the lack of progress is likely my fault by not being consistent with my efforts.  Recently I’ve upped my “normal” speed by .5 mph and while this isn’t huge by any means, it really feels like a win.  To ease myself back in on Monday I did my usual one mile and just did a combination of the new speed and my “fast” speed (as Mondays are for working on speed).  It went really well.  Last night I wanted to go for 2.5 miles at my new faster speed but only managed 2 before I was simply beat.  I did take it down to my old speed for a couple of minutes in there and, looking back, I should have done that again so I could get that last half mile in but I was feeling both exhausted and victorious since I’d never run so far at the newer speed.  So, I know my new training method works, I just need to stick to it which is harder than it seems some weeks… especially now when I’ve got work commitments which keep me out late once a week and if that day falls on a running day I’ve either got to double up on another day or skip.

I know… I know… double up!  But that’s harder than it sounds!