It’s cold outside.  Incredibly, stupidly cold with wind chill sitting between -20F and -30F.  Naturally this doesn’t deter me from venturing out to Curves this morning.  It’s amazing how I never seem to want to back out of a work out these days.  Six days a week feels pretty good, though naturally I missed a day this week so I guess it’s only 5.  I didn’t venture out on the snow day.  I figure if the weather is bad enough to close school, I don’t need to risk life and limb to get a work out in two towns over.

This be cold, folks.

Turns out, I was right not to venture out… Curves apparently closed on Thursday due to the weather.  All in all though I rarely freak out missing one work out.  If I think I’m going to miss more than one though, that’s a bigger deal.

I had somewhat of a weight loss phenomenon this week.  I somehow managed to lose 5 lbs.  That’s a stupidly large number and I’m attributing it to carbohydrate bloat from Christmas coupled with bloating from TOM.  It sure does feel nice to say goodbye to the mid 180’s though and I’m sitting here this morning at 45 lbs lost.  It’s surreal really.  It doesn’t feel as though it’s actually happened.  I’ve never had this much success at trying to lose weight.  It’s never been like this for me.  I feel like I must be mistaken somehow.  It’s strange how good things are hard to accept, you know?

So, with my work out done, I’m happy to sit here and drink my coffee and relax and enjoy my favorite weekend breakfast:

sooooooo yummy

The peanut butter and banana on toast is one of my guilty pleasures still.  What better combination is there?  Seriously?  And folks…. that’s crunchy peanut butter…there is none other.  Speaking of peanut butter, I recently heard about powdered peanut butter.  Has anyone out there tried this stuff?  Is it good?  The calorie content is so low I fear for what it must taste like or even what the texture must be.  I’d love to try it though and think of the possibility of peanut butter and banana green monsters OMG.  So, if any of you have tried the stuff, please let me know.  I’m dying to find out.