Wellllll, school has been called off, thanks to the snow.  I’m not the biggest fan of snow days anymore though.  With block scheduling where classes meet every other day, it usually just leads to chaos and headache when we go back.  On the up side though, I don’t have to drive in the snow.  It’s a give and take just like anything else is.

The thing about days like these is… there’s a definite danger of me falling back into my old patterns.  I mean, back in the day, I’d have eaten my way through a day like today.  I mean, come on… there would be hot chocolate in the morning, following by a larger than normal breakfast (you know, since I have the time to make one) maybe a midmorning snack when the reality of daytime television being boring finally hits and then naturally I’d start planning lunch….. Yes, it would be bad.

I don’t think there’s any real danger of me eating as much as I once would have.  I simply just don’t eat that way anymore and I’m really working hard at listening to my body when it tries to tell me I’m not hungry.  I used to wait for that stomach stretched feeling to tell me I’m full not realizing the signal that I’m not hungry is much more subtle, much easier to ignore and definitely going to fall victim should any remotely good tasting food be in the near vicinity.  It takes work.

As far as my eating goes I’ve fallen into a pretty good pattern, I think.  I still have my green monster every weekday morning.  It still has vanilla protein powder, vanilla almond milk, half a banana, spinach, some green superfood and some blueberries.

in a travel mug, so I can take it to work and gross everyone out with the blueberry skin teeth that inevitably happen

I still have a snack around 10.  I still eat a pretty light lunch, but I’m slowly adding more veggies into that so it’s healthier than it used to be.  I’ve added my afternoon snack back in so that I have the stamina to run after work and my afternoon snack of choice has been cheerios lately (dry, no milk because that way they’re like munchies) and then I still eat a huge dinner.  I don’t know why, but eating half my calories at dinner and half the rest of the day has really worked for me.  Something about being able to have a big dinner just does it for me.  It’s working.

So…I guess I’ll set forth to try to maintain my normal eating schedule… or at least the eating schedule I keep on weekends which is just larger breakfast and lunch with no snacks.  Hmmmm…what to do what to do.  Actually… we all know it’s more like….what to eat what to eat….