I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I understand the thrill of a brand new year to try to set things right or to make changes… I just think that it’s a sort of artificial point in which to make changes or corrections. In my opinion, most people make effective changes when they have a moment; maybe a moment in which they have a wake up call or a realization, maybe a moment when they realize they’re just done with something or when they realize they’re unhappy and they want change. The new year might feel like a good starting point but I think most people fail to follow through with resolutions made for the new year because they haven’t had their moment where their desire for change outweighs their desire to maintain the status quo.

One of my goals since the beginning of my journey has been to learn how to eat healthier and in many ways I do eat healthier now than likely ever before in my life. I won’t say my diet is the healthiest in the world because it isn’t. It is one of those areas in which I’m struggling the most and since my primary directive in my journey has been to lose weight I’ve really allowed my diet to slip, especially over the holiday season. I’m still eating too much sugar. I’m still not eating enough veggies.

it's cute and little

so little and cute!

One of my ways of combating this has been to buy a little book called The Field Guide to Produce.

As a science nerd, I liked the whole idea of a field guide for identification of unfamiliar produce… however this book is not set up like a field guide… which almost made me not buy it. However, I did realize none of the books I looked at was set up like a field guide and I did like this one for its size (it fits easily into my purse for grocery shopping) so I bought it.

center pictures

helpful if you're clueless about what you're looking at

There is a central portion where there are pictures of everything mentioned in the book which is helpful.

I love three things about this book. One: It tells me how to pick a good specimen… what to look for, how it should feel, what color it should be. Two: It tells me what flavors each item works well with. This is fantastic. It means I can decide to add something in instead of waiting for a recipe which calls for something new. And of course Three: It’s small size, which means I don’t have to memorize how to select a good passion fruit, I can look it up. This bit has come in handy even for things I purchase on a regular basis. So, it’s a win.

I love 30 minute meals.

I so love 30 minute meals.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about trying is having more vegetarian meals in my repertoire. I’ve never been the biggest fan of meat and quite frankly, it if weren’t for the hubby I might hardly ever purchase/eat meat. I think it’s stupidly expensive and high in calories for what it is. The more I watch what I eat, the more I’m just a bit disillusioned with meat. Luckily, I’ve managed to cut beef out of our diet except for about once a week (this is to avoid imminent strike by the hubby since he’s a beef and potatoes kind of guy). I eat mostly turkey (ground turkey is working so well for me in place of ground beef that I barely remember what hamburger tastes like in my recipes) and chicken. So, I asked for a couple of vegetarian cook books for Christmas and I actually got one!

I haven’t made anything out of it as of yet… but I must say I’m pretty excited about quite a few recipes. I am a little confused though as it seems to be one of those vegetarian cookbooks that uses fake meat. I’m not looking for modified meat, I’m looking for meals without meat in them… it just seems strange to me I guess…. but that could be because I eat meat in the first place and so if I want it, I’ll just eat it.. I dunno.

I’m hoping some of these recipes will help me add some new food into my diet and get me used to thinking of food in different ways than the traditional… what meat will I make tonight coupled with what form of potato and which of the nutritionally poor vegetables my hubby will eat? So… here’s hoping!