Waking up this morning seemed incredibly rough. The cold outside coupled with the dry air inside has made my sinuses miserable and to top that off, I’ve got my period. I don’t get my period often and so when it comes it usually comes with a vengeance.  I won’t go into details but suffice it to say it’s usually best if I take a couple days off work when it’s at its worst and it definitely was this morning.  So as I rolled out of bed I felt pretty miserable and crampy and the temps outside were ridiculous.  I sat on the couch and contemplated not going to Curves this morning.

The last two weeks off work have pretty much messed up my work out schedule.  It doesn’t help that Curves has been closed four of the days due to holidays either.  I originally intended to get in as many Curves work outs as possible and maybe even work out twice a day to make up for those extra holiday calories I’ve been consuming.  Unfortunately it just hasn’t happened.  I could justify it all day long and I’m not going to make excuses here; all I’m going to say is my work out schedule has been thrown out of whack.

….Which brings us back to this morning.  As I sat on the couch I realized that if I don’t go into Curves, I won’t be working out today.  I can’t run today.  I thought I would run today to get my third run in this week but my second run of the week was just yesterday and my joints haven’t recovered from it yet.  More on that in a bit….  And so, I got up, ran through the shower and went in to Curves.  Right now you should be clapping…

proof that I braved ridiculous temperatures this morning

cold cold cold cold

You see?  You see what I had to brave just to work out this morning?  Dedication I tell ya!  After it was done I was glad I went.  My hips felt better and not as stiff and sore from yesterday’s run and my sinuses were beginning to drain nicely.

As far as my running is concerned… I’m doing ok.  I’ve begun to get a bit more serious about it and have begun to slowly build up from the 2 miles I’ve been doing for a while now.  I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t been putting as much effort in as I could have been..especially when I see how far I’ve come in the past couple weeks of good effort.  Yesterday’s run ended up being seriously fantastic and hilarious all at once.  Out of boredom I chose one of my treadmill’s competition events, an easy 5k length where the average speed was 3.6 mph.  Yeah yeah, I know that’s super slow but I wanted to win, ok?  So I started out and got the shock of my life when the first leg ended up being done at an inclination setting of 12.  SAY WHAT?  I NEVER use the incline settings on my treadmill.  For one, I know my sister’s chiropractor told her not to do that for extended periods of time and for another… well.. I’d rather tackle hills in a more traditional method… through actual hills.  So suffice it to say I am NOT used to running up hills.  I made it through the first mile dropping my pace down quite a bit from the norm and being more than a bit irritated that the treadmill was at an incline the entire time.  I kept waiting for it to be a flat surface again, I mean, in no way am I training for any event where I run up a mountain thankyouvery much.  So at the tail end of mile 1 I overrode the program and forced the incline to 0 and took a breather at my normal pace which now seemed easy…. which encouraged me to bump my pace up my half a mile per hour.  At the end of mile 2 I walked for a couple of minutes but then became determined to get mile 3 done in my normal time and so I ran the last mile at half a mile per hour more than usual as well.

It was pretty epic for me, I won’t lie.  I’ve been wanting to increase my speed ever since I started and it seems like maybe, just maybe I might actually be able to bump up half a mile per hour… which is exciting, it really is.  Now I can actually have the fast paced run where I increase my speed a lot and run less, my maintenance run where I run at my new pace and then my long run where I’ll drop it back to what I used to run at but go longer than normal.  At this point I don’t feel bad if I walk for a bit after my normal length and then go another mile, walk again and then run another mile.  As far as I’m concerned I’m increasing my time running even if I am walking a bit in between.  I’ll get there, I will…. but it’s going to take time.  The other thing I need to keep reminding myself is that I need to add mileage slowly.  My hips are my biggest problem in running and as I mentioned before, I sure can feel them today!  My knees don’t bother me anymore which is fantastic but I’ve always had hip trouble and so I realize it’s not likely to ever go away, but I can minimize injury and pain by doing things the right way.

Wow… I’ve rambled.  Long story short:  I braved the weather, worked out, am going to be short a run this week but I’m feeling encouraged nonetheless!