This isn’t a surprise, I pretty much stated this would happen back when I started the C25K program. Those of you who have been reading for a while might remember my goal of reaching 100 Curves workouts by January 1st 2010. Well, I didn’t make it. I did come close. When I signed in yesterday the counter read 92.

If you want to know the truth, I’m thrilled. When I set that 100 work outs by January 1st goal Curves was the only exercise I was doing. I figured if I could do 100 workouts, it would average working out 4 times per week and I should see results from that after 6 months, yes? Truth be told, I don’t think I’d be seeing the results I currently have if I’d just stayed with Curves alone. So, yes I failed at one of my first goals, but only if you take the goal in the strictest sense and hold me to 100 CURVES workouts… because I’ve done way more than 100 workouts. That 100 number came from me getting 4 workouts per week in and since I’ve been doing 6 days/week for longer than I care to remember, I’m pretty sure I’ve blown that number out of the water in a big way.

It’s funny, I’ve known about this failure for a while now and knew I wasn’t going to make it and each time I thought about the post I’d write today something would pop into my head and it relates to a comment on a post I wrote on July 25th. At the time, I’d been on this journey a mere 6 weeks. I’d dealt with a birthday party, oral surgery, beating that hunger that comes with first starting to work out again, learning how to count calories… and it was seeming incredibly overwhelming. I’ve tried to maintain a positive attitude from moment one; negativity usually breeds failure for me and so a positive attitude is a must. Well, at the bottom of the post someone made a comment which has just stuck with me because of its negativity. I’m not sure what the intentions of the commenter were but they said two things which irked me: First, they assumed this 100 curves workouts was my only goal and I only had that on my mind. Apparently, once I reached 100 curves workouts I could declare myself done, relax and never create a new goal. The other thing which irked me about the comment is what the individual says at the end “you’ve got to stay motivated for the rest of your life…” Well gee thanks, that’s such a positive thing to say! Obviously I’m on a journey and obviously I’m trying to be healthier but I also obviously had/have an issue with food… one could say I’m an addict. How about the next time you find an addict in the middle of trying to quit, you remind me they can never again have what they’re trying to quit? I’m sure it’ll be real helpful.

So yeah, the comment stuck with me because I just found it very negative and incredibly unhelpful and I’ve never been certain if that was the intent of the individual. I know there are people out there who love being negative and all but I prefer to live in a world where someone doesn’t go out of their way to be negative… you know?

So again it all comes down to perspective. If you’re holding me to 100 Curves workouts…. I failed. If you hold me to 100 workouts in general, I blew it out of the water. Amazingly enough, I’m fine with either one. My sister in her infinite wisdom has a saying about Euchre which I think applies to goal setting “If you’re not getting set every once in a while, then you’re not calling it often enough.” This loosely translates into this: If you don’t fail every once in a while, then you’re not setting your sights high enough. Rest assured, I’m still setting goals and I’m trying to set them high enough so they’re challenging, but not so high that I’m doomed for failure.

Have a great 2010!