Well, the holiday season is over, or nearly over. I’m guessing a lot of people go to New Year’s parties but my normal New Year’s event has been canceled and we’ve decided not to make new plans. New Year’s Eve is one of those nights I hate to be on the roads due to all the intoxicated drivers although I must say police have done a nice job stepping up and doing road checks in the past few years. (What is it about police though that always make me feel guilty? Seriously, I can be sitting at one of those checkpoints feeling as though I’ve drank my way through a bar when I’ve had nothing at all to drink. Yes, yes I know… guilty conscience.) Anyway, I don’t believe I’ll be having any sort of New Year’s party food.

I mentioned in my last post I received a new scale and, since I’ve also gotten a new phone I took a photo of it.

oooh, pretty

So, I haven’t officially checked yet, but it seems to be pretty much in line with my old scale as far as weight goes. I probably should check that out for sure. So today I weighed in and my new stats can be found below in the usual spot. Again, I haven’t lost as much as I usually do but a loss over the holidays is pretty good in most people’s book so I’m happy. This also puts me at 9 lbs more to lose until my original goal of 175. That will be 51 lbs. At that point I plan on upping my calories in certain areas to a number I feel is ultimately maintainable (I’d really love to have a bit bigger lunch) and see what happens. I’m kind of excited for that. I have no idea what the potential for weight loss really is. I have no idea where I’ll end up.

Sooo I’ll do my normal progress pictures on January 16th (or there around) which I don’t post for the whole world to see since I’m in a swim suit, but I’ll also weigh in at Curves and get an inches lost update. Hopefully the number isn’t ridiculous and I can see my 24 inches lost marked on the wall. Hopefully. If not, I just may kick someone. At the very least I’ll check the numbers myself against my original measurements.