Christmas:  It was fantastic.  I had bunches of good times with my family and far too much good food.  Yes, I ate too much and yes I could rationalize it but I’m not going to bother.  I’m hoping Monday will bring with it a more normal eating pattern even though I’ve been much better today than lately.

Weight Loss:  Not as much as some months but I have still managed to lose a little bit.  I’ll have a more definite number when I weigh in on Monday.  I’m giving myself a couple of days recovery from the Christmas ham and Christmas carbs.

Weighing In General:  I totally got the new scale I asked for complete with body fat percentage and water percentage readings.  I’m terribly excited and actually squealed when I got it.  Likely cause for concern as prior to June of 2009 anyone giving me a scale would have been promptly smacked in the head with it.

Running:  It’s been a while since I’ve devoted any real attention to my running program.  Ever since I finished the C25K I’ve just sort of let the subject drop a little bit. When I finished the C25K program I was doing 15 minute miles and so only wound up running 2 miles. I’m still unbearably slow but I’m pleased to say I’m going over 3 miles now. I spent a lot of time just running for 30 minutes and not really working towards improvement but I’ve hit a bit of a groove lately. I finally have the right mentality and I’ve managed to bump the mileage up to about 3.5 miles. I’m still looking for good ways to improve my speed and I’ve finally figured out a method to increase my endurance. I’m feeling…. encouraged. My mentality on running has improve so much and it’s really motivating me to do more and to do it better.

Progress Pictures: I didn’t do progress pictures on Dec 16th as was the original schedule. My eating has been so off all month and I’ve felt horribly bloated and not wanting to photograph it by any means. I’m toying with the idea of doing the progress pictures on January 16. My thought is that I’ll likely have lost what I’d normally have lost by then (yep, an entire month of catch up) and so the progress pics will show about the same amount of progress. The same goes for my Curves weigh-in.

And that’s that! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has a house free of leftover temptations!