I didn’t weigh in today.  Same girl working there this morning that there was the last time I weighed in and, quite frankly, she obviously hadn’t gotten to work when she should have and so she was still running around turning things on when I arrived.  I sat in the car and watched her for a good two minutes before making my decision.  I mean, not weighing in today could be colossally stupid.  So, I”m enjoying my time alone at Curves today – no chatty ladies slowing down the progression, no feeling like I have to talk to them or be considered stuck up, being able to start where I want to… when I suddenly realize I have the next two weeks off work.  Sure, Curves is closed for 3 days around Christmas but I could stop by on Monday, squeeze in a workout and get weighed in then.  All I have to do is figure out who is working when.  Hooray!

Hmm, is it strange to call and ask today’s girl when she ISN’T working?

On a  brighter note:  I had one of those days yesterday where I started my run and found myself totally not into it.  Naturally I quit since I had grocery shopping and stuff to do and doing the whole planned mileage would just have put me a bit behind schedule. (This is likely the first season ever I’ve been so into television I plan my schedule around it…. seriously.  Either tv is getting better or I’m getting more easily entertained because I usually don’t care that much.)  Now it honestly does bother me when I don’t do my workout.  I mean it.  I’m not one of those people who can just skip it and forget it.  I’ve gotten this far by making it a part of what I do, no questions asked, no excuses (well, there are a few but not many).  The entire time I spend grocery shopping I felt guilty and I started to wonder if maybe I couldn’t watch my tv show while on the treadmill.  I mean, I usually watch something I don’t care much about since it’s usually around 4pm when I’m doing my run and the tv isn’t exactly set up to be easy to watch from the treadmill (please oh please let me get those laptop speakers for my laptop so I can watch some good stuff minus commercials).  I figured it would be an interesting experiment providing I could make sense of the stupid HD channels we get downstairs.  Really.  I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to just make things have a rhyme or reason.  Not understanding the television just makes me feel OLD.  I don’t understand why I can’t just surf the old channels and skip over channels 54.1-54.27 and so on and so forth.  Annoying!

I just made my husband do it.  He speaks HD TV, apparently.

I’m happy to say I managed to go the entire distance I wanted.  Was it easier than it would have been earlier?  Nope.  Why was I able to do it then and not before… no clue.  When I do it I feel like a million dollars afterward because running (ok fine, jogging) 3 miles isn’t something I ever believed myself capable of.  So why is it so easy sometimes and so hard others?  No idea.  Is it all my attitude?