I nearly missed the day.

Last week I realized today would mark the six month point and I tried thinking of some way to celebrate the occasion.  What I’ve come up with is that I’m an essentially uncreative person.  Ha!  While I don’t have any celebratory bells and whistles planned I thought it necessary to at least have a post today.

Six months.  It’s a huge chunk of time from one perspective and nothing but a flash in the pan from another.  As I sit here trying to think back to the person I used to be in June it’s hard to really discern anything drastically different.  I’m still me, though I exercise 6 days a week now.  I’m still me, though I am much more conscious of what I put in my mouth.  I’m still me, though the capri pants I loved wearing all last summer and for most of this past summer as well aren’t anywhere close to fitting.  I’m still me, though I’ve somehow managed to form a love/hate relationship with running.

When I started this journey six months ago, I did what it took to meet my goals.  I ate 100 calorie packs to get my fix of munchies.  I ate every 2-3 hours because I felt hungry all the time – but I only ate about 200-300 calories at a time.  I suffered through the feeling of my heart beating so fast I thought I’d die…or vomit while exercising.  To be honest, I wasn’t even sure losing the weight could be done.  I had no clue what I didn’t know.

As I sit here now and think back on all that I’ve learned I feel a bit smug.  Of course, the smugness is short lived when I realize how much more I have to learn and how far from perfect any of my methods are.  I’ve lost 40 lbs in the past six months and even though I’ve been sitting at 40 lbs lost for a week now the number still doesn’t make sense to me.  It still doesn’t quite want to register that I’m 40 lbs lighter.  You know, I did the math… that’s 140,000 calories I didn’t consume.  (I also did the math to see how much Dairy Queen Blizzards that equals to – you know, just to make sure I couldn’t have done all this just by omitting ice cream from my diet entirely -NOT likely to happen.)

I’m just 10 lbs away from my original goal weight of 175 and while I have never been very sure I’ll make it there, the end is finally in sight.  What happens after goal?  I’m going to increase my calories just a bit to 2000 and then keep doing what I’ve been doing and then watch and wait.  From my calculations I’ll lose a bit more weight.  How much?  I don’t know.  All I know is that I’m not going to do anything I can’t sustain and then I’ll just sit back and let my body take it from there… who knows where I’ll end up.

Six months.  🙂