Lately I’ve been noticing my body isn’t quite mine.  I mean, I know it’s mine…. it’s my body for crying out loud…  It’s just that, my body isn’t the same as I remember it being… ever.

I had a bit of a let down this past weekend when I went to try on some jeans at (where else) Old Navy.  I’d thought I was ready to go down a size, after all the legs of my current ones are much too big.  It wasn’t until I was in the dressing room, jeans pulled up to my waist and realizing I have wayyy too much gut for any of them that it hit me:  My thighs are no longer the bottleneck for my pants.

Hold up.  That never used to be the case.

For my entire life I’ve had big thighs and calves.  They’ve always been the limiting factor when buying pants of any kind.  If it fit over my thighs and I could move, then they were good.  Now suddenly my legs are a size smaller than my waist.  Upon returning home I stared at my body for a while trying to integrate the new information with my brain.  This is easier said than done.  In my mind, my thighs are still the largest part of my body.  I mean, I KNOW differently… but knowing it and feeling it are two very different things.

Meanwhile, on the not-so-analytical side of things I’m totally squealing with glee.  I have to credit the running for the legs.  I’ve seen such a profound impact on my lower body from the running  and it always impresses and amazes me and makes me grateful for the C25K program which started it all… even if it didn’t really make me a runner (I’m pretty sure I was born a jogger anyway.) it at least got the ball rolling.  It also gave me what one of my friends keeps exclaiming is my “cute little butt.”  Mmmhmm, she says it’s little.  She also says its cute.  She also doesn’t stop talking about it when she notices it… fine by me… call my butt little any day – I’ve been working hard at it!