As of today….. I’ve lost 40 lbs.

Staring at the number doesn’t seem to make it any more real.

I totally never ever in a million years thought I could lose 40 lbs.  I mean, I always would have been happy for 10 or even 5 because I sure wasn’t losing anything before.  40… that’s like 10 away from 50, and 50 lbs is super huge.

Stared at myself in the mirror this morning and wondered where I put all 40 of those pounds.  I mean, that’s like 160 sticks of butter, yes?  I haven’t weighed in at 186 in a long time and my goal weight of 175 is just 11 lbs away.  Again, I’m stating the obvious here… but it still isn’t sinking in for me.  I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and realize my scale is wrong or something and I’m still over 200 lbs.

(Pardon me while I pinch myself.)