Yes, it’s that time again… weigh-in day.  At this point I’ve had one weigh-in which hasn’t been botched at Curves.   For those of you keeping track, that’s one in five.  I don’t want to blame this on Curves in general but more specifically the management of the Curves I attend.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.  Two months ago I had 6.5 inches to lose in order to hit the two foot mark.  It’s been very motivating.  Since then I’ve lost 15.5 lbs and…… 4 inches.  I’ve dropped a clothing size, but apparently no inches in the process.  In fact, despite my 7.5 lb loss last month, I’ve apparently gained inches.  Yep, that’s right.

So what gives?  I mean, seriously.  How hard is it to train people to measure properly?  The girl yesterday is very new.  I met her when she first joined Curves and she only began working 2 weeks ago.  She could barely run the scale.  I had to move the big weight into the groove for her.  She has absolutely no idea how it works and when it came time for the final number, I did the math for her because she didn’t understand to add the two numbers together.  I am dead serious.

That being said, I shouldn’t be surprised when her measurements are off, should I?  Or, were her measurements on and the previous woman’s measurements off?  Naturally I did not get a print out, not because I didn’t want one but because she doesn’t know how to do one.  If she can’t provide all of the services I pay Curves for, then why is she working by herself?  If I can’t rely upon Curves to accurately weigh and measure me every month, then why am I paying them for this service?

I’m very irritated but I know a complaint to Ms. Size Zero will not prove to be fruitful.  These things are the way they are because she doesn’t care and would be surprised I’m so upset by it.  In fact, I can see her reaction in my head and she’ll be thinking I’m overreacting which will only piss me off all the more.  It’s just so frustrating.