I’ve been slacking off on my blog lately and I apologize.

No one wants to read mad ramblings put out in a poor order due to a lack of thought and planning.  It’s a shame that’s what I’ve been putting out into the world lately.  It’s ok though, I have plans for improvement.

First, while I will be doing general updates, I really miss all of the thought I used to put into my posts.  I wrote about things which had meaning to me and my journey and I think I connected with a lot of people through those posts.   The issues surrounding weight loss and healthier lifestyles seem to be pretty universal  and I feel as though it’s uplifting to read about other people going through the very same emotions as I am.  There is strength in numbers and I feel as though many people suffer through this sort of journey on their own because being overweight has such negative connotations and stereotypes associated with it that we’ve been programmed to feel ashamed.  The truth is, there aren’t a lot of people out in the world who don’t have some type of issue.  Just because being overweight makes this a very noticeable issue doesn’t mean it’s any more shameful than having any other sort of issue.

Second, I know I’ve been slacking off in the pictures department.  I love reading blogs with pictures and I’m always jealous of people who take a zillion pictures while they’re out an about.  One day fairly soon (I hope) I will be getting a phone upgrade.  When this happens, you can look forward to an endless stream of photos as it will be infinitely more convenient to snap and post them.  As of right now, my digital camera is clunky and the process of transferring them to the computer, re-sizing them and uploading them into wordpress just makes me avoid the issue altogether.  It’s time consuming and I don’t have a whole lot of free time right now.  However, I promise that while I wait for my phone upgrade, I will do a much better job of including pictures.

I used to post daily during the summer and I felt a large pressure to do so once I went back to work, but the truth is that it’s not really feasible.  So, I’m going to go with the motto “fewer posts, better content.”  It feels like Jerry Maguire with his mission statement but it’s how I feel.  Enough with the fluff and filler posts that suck… I’ll be cranking out some decent material soon enough.

In the meantime… thank you for being patient!