This morning I took the printouts Ms. Computer-Illiterate had given me back to Curves to ask Ms. Size Zero for correct ones.  It wasn’t so much that I needed a correct print out, it’s just the principle of the matter.  I mean, why on earth would I suddenly have a date from 2004 on my printout?  And can I please have a sheet that doesn’t tell me I’ve lost every single inch on my body?  Seriously.  The other reason I did it though is to have my accomplishment recognized.

You see at Curves, when you lose a foot, you earn a foot…. a foot on the wall with your name on it anyway.

So Saturday Ms. Computer-Illiterate hadn’t even mentioned my foot and I have to admit, I totally expected it to be on the wall when I got there this morning… but it wasn’t.  There are feet all over the wall and gosh darn it, I want MINE!  So yeah, after Ms. Size Zero plugged in my numbers and gave me my correct print out she congratulated me on losing a foot in inches and said I was nearly halfway to the two foot mark.  WooHoo!  And, in addition to my foot on the wall I got a free water bottle with the Curves logo on it.  Totally neat!  I love free stuff!

I will take pictures of the chart and the water bottle at a later date.  I’m even considering taking my camera into Curves and taking a snapshot of my foot for everyone to see.  Yay me!