It’s been rolling around in my head for a while and I’m still not certain what I”m going to do about it but…..

I’m kind of tired of Curves.

I always figured it would happen.  I joined as a stepping stone; something to get me moving again after having gained so much weight and remaining inactive for so long.  It did that and then some.  Curves has motivated me to continue along my path, it has only ever been as difficult or challenging as I have wanted it to be.  I’ve pushed myself to do better and perform better and I’ve seen results in the form of actually being able to complete a Curves circuit, my muscles being more firm, and also the confidence such success has instilled in me.  It’s been great.  Unfortunately, I feel as though I’m outgrowing Curves.  It’s not as though I want to be some body builder, but the limitations of Curves are beginning to annoy me.  For starters, it’s not a “real” gym.  If I wanted to go do just cardio, I would be unable.  I currently have the dilemma of needing to take my running to my in-laws so I can use their treadmill…. this sort of thing just would happen if I attended a regular gym where they have treadmills.  Also, there is the stigma attached to Curves.  When you say the name, rarely does anyone go “wow, that’s neat.”  Instead they attempt to stop their eyes from rolling as they think whatever thoughts they have about Curves and the people who attend Curves.  Of course, let’s not forget that Curves is a 30 minute work out and I keep feeling as though I should really be at it for about 45 minutes and sure I could go around the circuit a third time but it’s not really set up like that.

So I’m sort of stumped.  Obviously I could attempt to get out of my contract and go to a regular gym, but those places aren’t exactly the mecca I’ve made them sound like.  I didn’t become overweight by loving to exercise and I’m a bit frightened I’ll just be plain lazy and slack off on my weight training if I rely upon a regular gym where I either need to hire a personal trainer or research my own sessions to make sure I hit every muscle.  I mean seriously, so I could go there and run… what would stop me from half-heartedly lifting weights for 15 minutes and then having a nice 30 minute jog?  Likely nothing…. and that’s the problem.

So what should it be?  Should I continue with Curves because it’s mindless and something I don’t need to think about?  Or should I move on to a regular gym where I will feel intimidated, and possibly become lazy?  What’s  better, the security of knowing I will work out for 30 minutes no matter how mundane the routine… or pushing myself to really want it badly enough that I move forward and take matters into my own hands, pumping up my workouts?

I’ve been stumped on this one for about a month now… and I’m not sure I’ll ever really have a good answer.