Yesterday as I was doing my run for the C25k (a full 25 minutes, mind you), it occurred me to how much more physically fit I really am these days.  When I first started Curves, I made it once around the circuit and had to stop for fear of throwing up and now I’m considering going 3 times around on Saturdays (the only day I’d have the time to do so).  It’s really amazing.

Another progression:  I used to just walk inbetween the stations at Curves and now I’m able to jog in place the entire time.  I remember slowly jogging between stations, adding one or two here or there and always having to go back to walking after just a few… and now I raise my knees up a bit higher to get my heart pumping a bit more because otherwise it feels too easy.

I’m not sure how unreasonable my image of myself used to be but I’m beginning to realize it wasn’t all that accurate.  I had the idea in my head that I was decently fit.  I didn’t think I was in shape and I knew I didn’t have muscle strength, but I genuinely believed I could partake in nearly any physical activity if I really had an interest (so long as it wasn’t too hot or too humid or rough terrain – oh sure I had a million reasons why it would be too hard none of which were my weight and physical condition).

So far I haven’t leapt off any tall buildings and as of yet, I still am unable to fly like superman… but I can walk faster than I used to, I can walk up hills without thinking it’s difficult, I don’t sweat at the thought of 100 steps though it might wipe me out, and I’m beginning to want to do things I previously was scared to do.  It’s become very uplifting and I feel so… free.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  There are still a wide array of things I likely cannot do or would find extremely difficult… and I know this.  It’s the little things though and I’m oh so happy to be able to do the little things.  It’s worth waking up at 4:45 every morning and forcing myself to get moving.  It’s worth having to schedule and plan ahead so I can eat the right things at the right times.  It’s worth every bit of everything I’ve done for the past three months.

And I just keep thinking… if I feel like this now… what will I feel like when I am able to do something I always thought was impossible?

I’ll let you know when I get there.