Well, as suspected, I caved and took progress pictures.  It’s been 12 weeks anyway.  I don’t share these photos because I’m in a swim suit and well, that’s just rather embarrassing.  I don’t willingly go out in public in the darned thing so I won’t be willingly posting photos of myself in it either.  Right now, I THINK I can see a difference, but you know I’ll need an objective eye to tell for sure.  I can never see improvement.  I will say that, compared to the starting photos I have, I’ve made great progress so that makes me feel better.  I’ll send them to my sister as soon as she returns from white water rafting and see what she says.  Hopefully she’ll see improvement.  I’ve been working so hard and I’ve been on some sort of plateau for the past week.  No movement on the scale.  It’s frustrating after seeing so much movement in August, I guess I just sort of thought I’d keep up that pace, which would have been fantastic.  For the moment, I can only be diligent and continue to do what I’ve been doing and hope it doesn’t last much longer… and if it does, then I’ll re-evaluate what I’m doing and make some changes.

Next weekend is the official weigh-in and measurement, which as I’ve already mentioned, I’m terribly excited about.  I’m rather hoping I’ll feel good after this one and not defeated which has seemed to be the case.  It’s that defeated feeling which led me to begin weighing myself every day and man, I’m sort of hoping this plateau combined with a great weigh-in will convince me to step back off the scale.  Like I said, it’s so easy to get caught up in the wrong things.

I finally managed to go through all of the clothes I’ve had bagged up to give away to good will.  While not everything is something I’m terribly excited to wear, I have picked out some things I’m now able to wear.  It’s a fantastic feeling, especially when today I tried on some jeans which used to be just horribly tight on me and they fit just fine!  Yay!

I know I’ve been a bit lax on the blogging lately and I’ve gotten nearly intolerably uninteresting to boot but I promise I’ll write something with meaning again once I get inspired.  With work I just seem to have much less time to muse about my weight loss and efforts and so… all you get are update posts like this one.  I do have a post about Curves coming up sometime soonish… but otherwise… please bear with me!