I swear I haven’t fogotten about my blog!  It’s become increasingly difficult to find time to blog every day and I applaud those who can manage such a thing.

For a quick update:

Things are going well.  I’m still managing to eat healthier and maintain my calorie intake.  I did buy a kitchen scale and it’s actually quite nice when it comes to figuring out how much meat I’m eating.  It’s always been so difficult to tell before.  I did have a small lapse back into the world of caffeine, but I’ve decided to nix that as of today.  No sense in starting back up with a bad habit.  Sure I’ve been tired but there are other ways to deal with such things.

Curves is good, but getting dull and I actually have a post I want to write about that so stay tuned.  The C25k is going well though the fact that I’m running 25 minutes or more without stopping from here on out is kind of freaking me out.  Here’s hoping I manage to bring it all together here at the end!

I will post again soon!