I’ve been complaining a lot lately about how busy I am and honestly, I think it may be giving off the wrong impression.  Don’t get me wrong, I am stressed and it does suck, but I am also having a fantastic time.  While the beginning of the school year has its own challenges with learning all of my students names, likes and dislikes, motivations, mood swings, senses of humor, etc… each day also tends to reveal something new and wonderful.  Uncovering the driving force in a student or just connecting with them on a level where they finally understand you’re there to help them is a great feeling and the beginning of the year is full of moments like those.  My AP Bio kids are fantastic and also happen to be the handful of students I’ve had in class before.  Usually, I see them and they move on, never to have me as a teacher again so it’s a great feeling being able to build on relationships I’ve already formed.

Speaking of which, my AP kids and I have been having fun with an ongoing theme I’ve put into my power points, the theme revolving around a bird called the blue footed booby..

handsome, isnt he?

handsome, isn't he?

So, I’ve managed to work this guy into a number of topics we’ve covered and last weekend, two of my students went to Culvers where apparently there is a guy who makes balloon animals.  Order of the day?  Two blue footed boobys.  They came to class on Monday incredibly excited and let me tell you, I was totally touched.  I’ve got a picture of both of them but I haven’t uploaded it yet, I’ll post it later.

Last night I went ghost hunting in Galena, IL.  Not something I’ve done before but I have met the person who headed up the endeavor and it was free so I thought… why not?  I had a lot of fun but didn’t exactly understand that I needed to bring a camera (doh!) so it wasn’t as fantastic as it could have been.  I did enjoy walking around at night and being amongst people I didn’t quite know and listening to all of their stories.  Very fun indeed.  I got in at 1 am which is not something you’ll see often, but I did manage to get out of bed at around 6 am for my run.

Can I just say now how exhilarating it was to run those 20 minutes without stopping?  It may have been slow, I may have been huffing and puffing but by golly I did it!  Coupled with my late night and my fitful sleep last night, the run has done me in though.  I’m horrible at taking naps and so I’ve just basically suffered through being tired all day.  I say suffered, not much can really bring me down right now.  Life is pretty good.  How is everyone else out there?