I woke up before my alarm this morning.  For those of you paying attention, this means BEFORE 4:45 am.  It was 4:30-something, I believe and I’d already been awake since about 4.  I have one of those minds that just zings awake if I think of something remotely interesting when I roll over and vaguely wake up.  Normally this isn’t a problem, nothing is all that interesting or stressful right now and there aren’t too many things I enjoy more than the weather we’re having which enables me to snuggle down under the covers to escape the chill in the air.  This time of year sleep usually comes easy.

I have, however, noticed a pattern on my sleeplessness…

On days I’m scheduled to wake up and run… I seem to be a bit impatient to get out of bed.  Mmhmm.  I never would have believed it.  I’m EXCITED to run?  Really?  Me?

The realization is at once thrilling and fulfilling and a little something else I can’t quite pin down.  Running isn’t exactly easy just yet and looking ahead at the c25k schedule still fills me with a very powerful fear, but I’m excited to get out there!  I’m actually doing so much better at this than I ever thought I could.  I’m making plans to run a 5k in October, I’m challenging myself to go further, run faster, and run longer every single time… and it feels good.

So good, apparently, that I can’t wait to wake up and get out there.