Friday afternoon and I spent an extra hour at work.  Why?  My students had their first test today and I’ve got oodles of grading to do, not to mention labs to set up for next week, organization and filing to accomplish (oh the filing, it never really gets done during the school year and I wind up with folder upon folder of things I need to wade through and file).  What got done?  Absolutely nothing.

I entered in a few grades, called the insurance company to update the car insurance, ended up speaking with a coworker on some teaching strategies, and then received a phone call from my little sister.  I went for what I thought would be a quick trip to the office to check my mailbox but ran into the dance team and their coach who wanted me to stay and watch their routine and tell them what I thought.  How do you say no to a team of girls who are so eager for your opinion?  You don’t.

Grading papers at home this weekend.  You know, the funny thing is I once contemplated taking papers to grade into a movie theater.  I could see well enough but I’m pretty sure people would think I’m nuts.  I do, however, take papers everywhere.  If I’m sick, they’re with me in the doctor’s office while I wait, if we go somewhere on the weekend, I’m grading in the car as my husband drives, cleaning the house… I grade 5 papers and then clean something else.  It can get a bit out of hand, especially if you write in personal comments or helpful suggestions, those can make a stack of papers take 3x as long to grade.  Whee!

This weekend we are putting together some closet organizers we bought while we were out and about last Sunday.  I’m terribly excited as our closet currently looks like something you’d show all your friends and laugh at.  Maybe I’ll post before and after photos.  We’re also planning on finally going to see Harry Potter at the movie theater though I suspect we could wait another month and rent the darn thing it’s been in theaters so long.

I’m beginning to look ahead toward my goals for September and I’m hesitant.  My Curves goal of 100 work outs by January 1st might have to bite the dust.  It’s not because I’m unmotivated, but it is because I’ve learned exactly how valuable a day off from exercise can be.  Since Wednesday I’ve had more energy, felt more refreshed, achieved more in my subsequent work outs and generally just felt more well than I have in a long time.  I need to incorporate a day off.  Sure, that’s not all bad but the problem is scheduling.  The c25k takes 3 days a week, which leaves 4 days… minus one for a resting day and that’s another 3.  Well, 3 days a week until January 1st isn’t going to cut the mustard for 100 work outs.  At this point, I can’t decide if I should chuck that goal or just aim for the end of January.

Naturally, I can’t determine what day of the week to take as my day off, either.  Having Wednesday off was fantastic.  I can’t even begin to describe how fantastic it was.  Sleeping in a bit late on a school day, having extra time to prepare for the day at work and the Curves days are the ones where I’m really crunched for time in the morning.  Then again, Saturday would seem to make more sense.  I wouldn’t have to make the drive to Curves, I could sleep in late and get my grocery shopping done earlier.

I’m still worried about how the running will progress through the winter.  I need a treadmill but I am positively phobic about using one at work and I’m definitely not going to buy one… and can you believe I’m wishing I didn’t have a year contract at Curves so I could join a “normal” gym?  I knew I’d outgrow Curves, but it feels like it’s happening a bit sooner than I anticipated it would… which sucks.  I’m stuck with it for a year and I can’t even begin to let my mind wander until the contract is up or I’ll go crazy.  GAH!