I didn’t exercise yesterday and after talking to my sister I don’t feel guilty about it either.  So there.

I did, however, purchase a new car.  Needless to say if this is what happens when I take a day off, I won’t be having another one for a very long time.  All jokes aside, we did need another car.  My husband drives about 120 miles round trip to work each day and for a while now his car has had some sort of a…. water problem I guess.  For some unknown reason, water keeps accumulating on the floor of the back seat.  I don’t know where it’s coming from, he has his theories, but naturally we began calling it “swamp car”.

Swamp car, as you can imagine, has become a hated thing… not so much for me, since I don’t ever have to drive it or ride in it… but more for my husband.  He’d finally had enough and so after work yesterday I met him at the used car dealership we like so much and ended up purchasing a used car.  Woo hoo!

Purchasing a vehicle is a lengthy process and naturally I didn’t want to cook dinner when I got home so I sent the hubby to KFC.  I know, right?  You’re thinking it’s a horrible decision.  No way.  It’s fantastic!  Their new grilled chicken, which we tried last night, is so good I didn’t even think about missing the crispy-ness of the extra crispy we were previously addicted to.  It’s way good and the calories on it aren’t outrageous, you can find the calories for all of their items on their website.

So… I ate KFC, didn’t miss the fattening fried bit, bought a car, didn’t exercise and managed to stay within my daily calorie allotment.  Look at me go!