Sometime around 3:40 am, I woke up and, as usualy, my mind starts racing about my day and I realize I’ve screwed up.  I haven’t packed my lunch and worse yet, I didn’t even unpack my bag yesterday so all of my usual containers are dirty.  Add to this that dinner goes in the crock pot this morning and I realize I’m likely not going to get everything done and still get to work in time.  I mean, I guess I could have gotten up at 3:40 and gotten it done but last night I was in bed by 8:30 I was so tired and quite frankly… I’ve been wanting a rest day anyway.

So… I didn’t go to Curves this morning.

I have mixed emotions about it.  I mean, I’ve been doing so well.  This will be the first day in August I haven’t exercised but again, this has to be something which doesn’t drive me crazy.  Something had to give this morning…. Curves was the thing which could easily be cut.

Of course, not going gave me a ton of extra time.  I had time to shave my legs, create some new material for one of my classes, enter in some grades, set up for a lab and even clean up my office a bit at work… and here I am writing a post minutes before the first bell rings.  Ahhh, it’s nice to have time to be productive in the morning again.

I know taking an unplanned day off can be a slippery slope but I’m not all that worried (lies).  I mean, I do feel guilty and I likely will go after work today if I don’t need to meet my husband to go buy a car.  Tomorrow is another day of the c25k and everyone knows how excited I am about THAT… so… is it so awful that I took a little break?

I’m going to go with no.  (Of course, we’ll see if I end up at Curves tonight or not but right now, I’d like to think I won’t go.)