So yesterday I’m perusing the 3 Fat Chicks forums looking for something good to read when I stumble upon a thread with the following link:…ss_video.shtml

Needless to say I’m annoyed.  It would seem I now have to buy a scale to measure my food.  I mean, my sister has one and she’s always recommended I buy one but again… I’m trying not to buy too many things here and on top of that… well…. I just didn’t want to do anything outside of the realm of “normal” people.  As far as I’m concerned “normal” people don’t weigh their food – though they might measure it.

With such a difference between weighing and measuring though, it’s hard for me to resist…. especially right now.  I’m going through one of my “it’s not happening fast enough” phases.

Oh… is now the time to mention I’ve drug the scale at home out of hiding?  You know something?  I knew it.  I knew stepping on the scale at home was a bad idea.  It’s poisoned my mood and made me feel as though things just aren’t going in the direction I want them to and even if they are… it’s not happening fast enough.

Anyway, back to weighing vs measuring… I’d like to think my calorie counts are within reason anyway.  I’m usually at the lower end of what the “recommended fat loss calorie count” would be and there is a large part of me which just doesn’t want to get that into it.

Am I being stupid or sane here?  Do I buy a scale or just stick with what I’ve been doing?