It amazes me how much my attitude can change in a week.

Last Sunday I found myself freaking out about week 3 of the c25k.  Running for 3 minutes seemed as though it was going to be incredibly difficult.  When I went out on Tuesday, it was with usual amount of anxiety and fear… and when I succeeded, I felt like a million dollars.

During today’s run, I found myself stressing out about the next week of c25k.  Five minute runs!  It seems impossible, and if not impossible, then incredibly difficult.  So you know what I did?  I ran an extra three minute set, just for good measure. Yeah, that thing I thought I might not be able to do a week ago, I just did EXTRA… in preparation for Tuesday.

It would be funny to me if I weren’t so worried about this next week.  I mean, how can one thing go from seeming impossible to being something that seems, well, tiring but not IMPOSSIBLE.  Even more ridiculous is that this fact doesn’t help me feel any better about this next week’s challenge.

——– Five Minutes ——–

Such an impossible amount of time to me right now.  Can I really do it?  Will I psych myself out?  And… what will it mean if I really can do it?