Whew!  I meant to post yesterday, I really did.  It was going to be a big TGIF and everything.  I decided to stay after work a bit to enter some grades and tidy up my office and classroom and then ended up being paged to the office where I found a police officer waiting for me.  As I entered, another staff member joked “oh, you’re in trouble!”  to which I calmly replied “I wish I’d done anything interesting enough to be in trouble.”  My life lately has been about food, c25k, curves, work, work related items, more work, and planning food for work.  By the time I got home yesterday my sinuses were beginning to drain (thanks cold front, I needed that) and draining sinuses always make me sleepy and so… I took a nap.  Ha!  And then this morning… sleeping in until 5:30 am was nothing short of luxurious.  Fantastic.  So… I’m in an incredible mood.

After the husband came home last night we went out for pizza at Pizza Hut.  Apparently we haven’t had pizza since June and he seemed to be dying for some so I went online and looked up the nutrition information and we headed to our nearest Pizza Hut facility.  I have learned one thing from this visit: always read charts carefully.

mmmmm pizza

mmmmm pizza

So, I admit I’ve been avoiding pizza.  I remember years ago watching an episode of Lois & Clark (hello Dean Cain!) where Clark says to Lois “Don’t worry, a slice of pepperoni pizza is only like, 500 calories.  YIKES!  So naturally I was pretty worried.  Then I pulled up the above chart and just started looking through and at first glance I thought “wow, pizza is actually not that bad!”  Yeah, turns out I was looking at the serving grams.  Oops!  But, it still remained very do-able so long as we went with the thin and crispy.  When it came, though, I kind of recoiled at the grease floating on the top of the pizza and instantly became one of those people who take their napkin and sop up the grease.  I had to.  Even after that it just seemed greasy and kind of messed with my stomach.

I have to admit I’m glad I sampled pizza again.  It has been a big love of mine for years and now, while I still enjoy it, I am definitely not going to be craving it any time soon.

Another thing I have found out this week is the value of good plastic storage containers.  I seem to take a ridiculously large amount of these to work every day for my lunch and snacks and you know something?  Absolutely all of my storage containers leak.  Oh, that cantaloupe which seemed so yummy at home?  It became a dripping, soggy, nasty smelling mess by the time I opened it up at work.  So, I have every intention of finding the best plastic storage containers on the market and forking out the cash for them.  I am not going to spend the entire school year toting around drippy bags full of mingling juices.  Gross.

And last, but not least…. I have developed pain.  It’s from the running, I know it is.  My right knee hurts.  It doesn’t hurt a LOT right now but it hurts at random intervals and usually when I’m doing some sort of side motion and then definitely during my run.  This has led me to run and walk on the darned thing differently resulting in the mother of all muscle knots around my left hip.  Right.  The hip hurts like a $%$#^#^#%!!!  Oh, it only hurts when I stand or walk, and sometimes when I sit and for a while after I lay down.  As a teacher, I assure you, I do none of these things (sarcasm) and so I’ve been incredibly pleasant all week to my new students (ok so 97% pleasant).

I purchased a brace last night for my knee and then came home and worked on the hip knot (ouch).  Today my lower back area feels as though it should be one large black and blue bruise (usually how I feel after working out a knot) and I’ve been able to walk around this morning and do my Curves workout with zero pain.  Nice!  I’m hoping the brace will help greatly with the knee.  I’m hesitant to use it for anything but running since I don’t believe it’s Curves that’s causing the pain in the first place and it seems like a pain in the butt to have to deal with.  If I should be wearing it more often, I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Oh… and before anyone else asks… No, I haven’t been to a “real” shoe store to get my gait tested for running shoes.  Why?  Well, until I stick with this whole running thing I am not going to waste money on equipment I might likely never use.  I’ve made a deal with my husband on the matter (can you tell I’ve maybe bought things before for exercise and then never used it?) and it’s a smart move.  It’s also a bit of incentive for me!

Ok, enough for this post.  I’ll save the rest of the thoughts in my head for another one.