If you don’t know the song.. I highly recommend you google the title now.  It’s been running through my head alllll day long.

I’ve been reflecting on my eating habits a lot lately (well duh) and you might remember me saying I don’t know how to make salad.  It’s the most ridiculous thing in the world to say and even my friend Lisa laughed a bit when I told her.  (Mind you, the salad I made a few nights ago was so fantastic I’ve had it for lunch the past two days.  Yum!)  The point here is the simple act of throwing together different varieties of greens is a bit overwhelming to me.  I mean, I don’t really know what all those “greens” are… and it begs the question… why not?

There are a lot of people out there who enjoy debating on whether or not being overweight is genetic and you know something?  I don’t really care people.  Why not?  Because whether or not I inherited my ability to store food on my thighs or whether I learned poor exercise and eating habits from my childhood, or even if it’s a combination of both… the truth is still the same… I got it from my mama.  (Well.. and dad… and stepmom…)  And, like any unwanted Christmas gift, it’s been sitting in the closet for so long I fear it’s going to be difficult to take it back.  Oh… but I WILL.

If you want to know what really irritates me… it’s the people who go around complaining about fat people.  They harp and they harp about how it’s our own fault and just eat healthy and blah blah blah.  First, I can tell you with 100% honesty… had no idea the calories I was consuming.  Now that I’m counting, I find myself really shocked sometimes at what huge amounts of calories are in some foods.  Again, I had no clue.  Second, eating healthy isn’t something that’s easy to do.  I mean come on, I’m a reasonably intelligent being and I had to figure out how to make a salad.  I’m telling you I’d love to be able to take a class on cooking healthy… only I need it to be a one on one class because I have far too many questions for there to be anyone else needing attention.  I’d love to have a place where I could sample different vegetables, learn how to prepare them, learn what tastes good with them and learn where to buy them.  (Obviously I’d be wanting some fruit inclusion!)

I’d love for someone to sit down with me and help me learn how to season food instead of slather it with butter or put it in a frying pan (I kid you not, when I was growing up we had fried potatoes at least 3 times a week…. and I’m estimating low).  I’m sure there are classes like this out there, but I sure can’t find any where I live and at this point, I’m looking for a one-time Saturday class… just something to give me a boost because I’m beginning to feel as though the amount I need to learn about food – good, healthy food – is a bit overwhelming.