It’s totally messing with my zen state of mind… and my schedule.  It’s one thing to proudly proclaim I work out seven days a week during the summer when my main chore is the shower daily and keep the house reasonably clean, it’s another thing entirely when I throw teaching into the mix.  And that thought of mine about working out at Curves after work?  Forget it.  I’m quite certain I’d never go.

So… I’m currently up at 4:45 am every day.   It’s not the waking up that’s awful.  It’s the mad rush I’m in after I get back from Curves/running that’s the bad part.  I’m one of those people who wakes up in advance enough so that I’m never “running behind” and even now I’m showing up to work half an hour early… but it used to be an hour and fifteen minutes early.  I sort of miss it, but the alternative would be to rely on myself to actually drive to the next town and work out at Curves and I just don’t see that happening.

Yesterday I ended up having to run after work due to an mp3 player malfunction and that wasn’t awful.  There were a ton more people around than I would like but they were mostly teenagers and I’m fairly immune to teenagers at this point.  Yesterday was also the first day of week three in the c25k and it was my first 3 minute run.  I made both of them but I was more than ready for the 3 minutes to be up each time.  I’m not sure whether to blame the different time of day or the heat on it being so miserable but you can be sure I don’t want to blame myself!

Eating at work is proving to be difficult.  I’m so strange with food.  It’s as though the moment I take it out of the house it becomes less appetizing… though it could have something to do with the fridge I store my food in also being used as the biology dept fridge… Hmmmm.

I guess I’m just saying the transition isn’t going as smoothly as I’d have liked.  I thought I had a grand plan and it turns out my plan needs tweaking.  Don’t worry, I’m still mostly positive, I’m still determined and I’m still focusing on making myself a healthier, more fit person…. I just think I may have hit my first bit of bumpy road…. but only because I wanted everything to be magically the same.  Silly me!