So, the first day back to work strikes and I find myself up at 4:45 am (yep, you read that correctly) so I can wake up properly, eat my yogurt and dash off to Curves for my workout.  I’m pleased when I find myself hitting town again a bit after 6 am until I see the train on the tracks.  I live in a junction town and trains can sometimes block the tracks for 45 minutes at a time and, while there is a way around… it’s over 4 miles around and so you’re faced with the dilemma of staying or going and you can never be sure just how long that train is going to take.  This one was moving slowly and I can’t tell if it’s stopping so I just wait.  Seven minutes later, the longest train in North America is done passing through town and I return home to race to get ready.

I don’t HAVE to be in such a hurry.  Since today was just a Teacher’s Institute, I don’t need to get to work early in order to get a grip on my day.. but all the same, I’d love for this to work out so I don’t end up having to work out after work.  I dread the idea, I loathe it… and after today I remember why…. Work wears me the bleep out!  After a day spent with students and endless questions and a million details and organized chaos all day long, the only thing I want at the end of the day is to go home and let the pace slow down.  I’m going to try the whole Curves thing again Monday before work and make a final verdict.  As for the running… I’m doing it in the morning…. even though it’s quite dark out at 5:15.  I have to do it in the morning because I know I won’t do it after work (again for the reason mentioned above AND… the park is heavily used at night and I just still have that public working out phobia that would lead me to avoid it.).

So, back to school it was for the worst of the two institutes.  I understand that it’s easier for the administration to schedule all the district-wide events in one day.  I just don’t understand how they think a day full of endless meetings and inservices is productive… and I do mean ENDLESS.  This morning we had a short hour and thirty minute “welcome to the school year” speech by the superintendent and then a 3 hour content area reading inservice.  Three hours.  The woman had enough material for 6 hours and she tried to fit it all in.  She was reluctant to give us any breaks, and barely took a moment to breathe.  A small break for lunch (I’m still miffed about lunch where I was unable to return to my room to eat the lunch I brought so I had the option of going hungry or eating the provided lunch which had an enormous amount of no doubt calorie laden mayonnaise) and then off to another 3 hour inservice.  Sometimes, the higher ups in education are very foolish when they try to orchestrate how to make the most of our inservice days.  I’d have given my left arm for a schedule like my students will follow… and I won’t even get into the quality of the presenters.  Ugly stuff.

By the time I hit home tonight, the migraine that begain building in the morning, had taken over my head.  Thank goodness for Imitrex.  My migraine trigger?  Long, boring, pointless meetings… it gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So tonight (an Imitrex and a nap later) I’m making something I consider a fantastic find: chicken brats.  Summer is grilling season and I think my husband would kill me if I forced him to eat turkey brats one more time… but I found something different…. chicken brats!  How are these better?  Well, they don’t try to make them taste like normal brats.  In fact, these are garlic and mozzarella flavored and I’ve already tasted them thanks to a cookout at my sister’s last weekend.  They are deeeeeeeelish!

Oh!  Tomorrow is my weigh-in and measurement day and I’m definitely on pins and needles.  This morning I met a woman who has been going to Curves for a very long time and who had her weigh in today… She’s lost 48 inches.  That’s 4 feet!  And, at my Curves… you lose a foot in inches and you get a foot with your name on it up on the wall.  She’s currently the only 48 inch foot we’ve got though there is one person who has lost 5 feet!  Fantastic!  The 12 inch list is HUGE.  It’s made me wonder exactly how many inches I have to lose.  Will I lose them?  (Doh!  Did you notice the sudden self doubt there?  Yeah, it’s because NO ONE at work seemed to think I looked different enough today to say anything.  Sure it’s only been 2 months and sure my clothes are the same – they totally fit better now- but seriously… I wanted someone to notice!)

Ok… end of ramble and rant!