… to know I’m not getting on a soap box today.

The past week has been pretty exciting for me in terms of figuring things out and so I just had to share it with everyone.  I’m done now, or… at least for today!

Today signals the last day of my summer vacation.  Bittersweet, as usual.  I’m eager to go back and get into a routine again although not as much as in years past since I’ve had the work out and eating routine here for most of the summer.  It’s odd to think I’ll be going to bed early tonight and waking up tomorrow and heading in to work (after I go to Curves of course).  I think I’ve got my plan in place though and I’m excited to see how well it works!

Day 2 of Week 2 of the C25k today.  It went so much better than I could ever have anticipated, which is incredibly exciting.  I feel as though I’ve finally hit my stride and my pace.  I was worried at first about how awkward my running felt and how all over the  place my pace was… but it seems as though it has fixed itself.  I even found I wasn’t quite so out of breath today (AMAZING).  I also really pushed myself on the last interval and RAN (well as much as I could literally run after having run 5 intervals… I’m not She-Ra, remember?)  Even better… I feel fantastic and it was a huge confidence boost.  I just hope it’s not one of those “getting cocky right before you fall flat on your face” moments.  At least I don’t get as frightened when I look at the upcoming runs in future weeks!

My eating has been great.  I’m beginning to explore new and healthier recipes, different vegetables to buy, different ways to eat those different vegetables, and new and different fruit to eat for snacks and the like.  Finding recipes that both I and my husband will like is a bit of a challenge though I must say he’s willing to attempt a large variety of the things I make, so at least he’s got a sense of adventure.

And… that’s about all I’ve got to say.  Saturday is my official weigh in and measurement day.  I’m excited and hopeful to see my progress.  It’s nerve wracking when you only weigh yourself once a month, but it also helps me to focus on the important things and not the numbers on the scale.

Have a great day everybody!