Seems like I’m hearing about Greek yogurt everywhere these days.  It is apparently all the rage.  I’ve been eating yogurt pretty regularly since I began working out and such.  it’s light and little enough that I can eat it a bit before I go work out and it keeps away the ill-effects I get when I work out on an empty stomach in the morning.

The thing is, I’ve just never been too impressed with yogurt.  Some of it has an odd taste and the brand I like, has a ton of sugar.  Seriously, I remember watching on TV some advertisement for the yogurt and them saying you can freeze it and eat it instead of ice cream… Except, I think a lot of ice creams are lighter on the calories and that fact really started to irk me… so yeah, you could say I’m in the market for a new yogurt.

So.. I bought a couple of the Chobani Greek yogurts.

i grabbed the image off the internet, i really only bought 2

i grabbed the image off the internet, i really only bought 2

This morning, I woke up eager to try out the yogurt.  I’ve been dying to try the honey flavor because it sounds absolutely yummy to me.  I rip open the container, stir it around… pause…. because it’s an odd consistency, but hey… I knew it would be different, right?  Right?  So I take a bite.  And I pause.  And I make a face.  Interesting.

I decide I must have morning mouth and I drink a bunch of water.  Then I try it again.  Two things:

  1. I’ve been eating very sugary yogurt so I should have been expecting this, but I wasn’t so it took me off guard.  I felt as though it had no taste.
  2. It had the consistency of sour cream.  I hate sour cream.

At first, I’m kind of at a loss.  I really wanted to love the stuff.  I mean, it’s got 16g of protein, which is absolutely fantastic.  But I try a few more bites and I just can’t love it.  So I do what anyone else would do, I think… I throw some vanilla extract in there and a packet of splenda… stir it up and try it again.

OH.  It’s much better now that it has a flavor!  I can get used to the consistency since it doesn’t taste like sour cream.  I still love 16g of protein.  I’m wondering if the honey flavor is just not my thing or if the peach I also bought will end up being a bust as well.  I’m also considering slowing easing into it.  I mean, I’ve been eating highly sugary yogurt… I might have to wean off the sugar and just gradually use smaller and smaller amounts of splenda.  Just really wasn’t expecting it since everyone absolutely raves about the stuff.

So the verdict?  It’s going to have to be a thumbs-neutral until further notice.  I’m definitely going to give it a go for a while but right now, my mouth still kind of scrunches up when I think about it…. not a good sign.