I don’t eat out much anymore.

I used to.  I used to love to call up the husband and tell him to pick something up on his way home from work.  I really used to love fast food, restaurant food.. anything I didn’t have to cook.  I still likely do, it’s just that I have a far different outlook on it now.

Now I realize it’s usually not worth it.

One of the best things about how I’m eating now is that I’m eating so often, I’m rarely hungry hungry.  Trust me, if I don’t get my 3pm snack or my 10 am snack in, my stomach lets me know… but when those hunger pangs strike, I can look at the clock and say “oh, that’s ok I can eat in about 20 minutes.”  It’s much better than trying to go those long 5-6 hour stretches without food.

Eating out takes that away from me.

Instead of a light lunch and a snack a few hours later, I usually have to pool my snack and lunch calories together in order to find something fitting.  It makes me panic a bit.  See, I’m still afraid I’m going to go back to my old ways of eating.  It likely won’t happen, but I obviously have a problem with food and 7 weeks of watching myself with occasional “splurge days” during family functions isn’t going to cure me of that problem.  And sure, I exercise now, but… what if I eat so much I don’t want to do that either!!  (Yeah, I’m not sure if the fear is healthy but it does keep me on track.)

So yesterday my sister calls me up and wants to know if  I’ll go to lunch with her on Friday.  Sure!  Where are we going?  The answer? Red Robin.  At first I’m thrilled.  There are few things I love more than the banzai burger from Red Robin.  It’s savory AND sweet.  YUM!  So I get on the website and pull up the information for this beauty.

yep, that calorie count is accurate

yep, that calorie count is accurate

After a mild panic attack at the crazy amount of calories I’d been consuming without realizing (and I’d have those bottomless fries on top of that!), I realized Red Robin allows you to customize any burger, even on their website.  So, I substituted in a Boca burger (thank you Red Robin for that option), nixed the cheese and the 1oz of mayo they throw in there and suddenly the burger is down to 513 calories.

Totally doable.

It just makes me wonder though, why on Earth are we selling burgers that contain over 1000 calories?  Who needs a burger with that many calories?  Honestly?  Any more, I’m beginning to wish nutrition information had to be listed next to every restaurant menu item.  I believe I would have made much wiser decisions in the past.  And while the information has likely been on the internet for a couple of years at least, I had the mentality of “it’s just a burger and a couple of fries.”  In my wildest dreams, I wouldn’t have imagined the calorie count on that thing.

As for the fries tomorrow… no big deal.  After my attempt to eat Arby’s curly fries, a once and former love of mine, and hating the greasy taste.  The steak fries they serve at Red Robin, which I’ve never been a fan of should be easy peasy.