My head hurts.

I used to wake up every morning and jump out of bed awake as awake could be.  I’m a morning person by nature and I get surly in the afternoons.

But lately, and I’m not sure for how long now… I’ve been waking up with a headache.  I suffer from sinus and allergy problems and that may well be the issue, but the headache isn’t just in the front of my head, it’s also in the back.  It feels like a hangover.

It’s miserable.

It usually goes away by the time I’ve finished my workout at Curves, but now that I’m trying to transition into working out in the afternoon (so that when school starts I don’t just say “oh I’m too tired today”) I don’t have that morning work out to get my headache to go away… and so it’s still with me.

I’ve been incredibly unproductive today.  I got a new pair of pants in the mail yesterday and I haven’t even tried them on.  I mean… come ON.  Who doesn’t like to try on new clothes?

I’m sort of hoping it’s just sinus related and that it will pass… but what if it isn’t?  What if it’s food related?  How would I ever in a million years figure that out?